Every woman has a dream

I am really excited to talk about Sseko on the blog today. All of their products have been handcrafted in Uganda and they use fashion to create opportunity & community for women globally. Sales from Sseko enable them to employ and educate more women in Uganda who have been dreaming of that opportunity. All their sandals and accessories are handmade by Ugandan women pursuing university. Their materials and products are produced by artisan partners throughout East Africa, creating opportunity across the region. Just think, in America we have it so easy. We can take out loans and pay it back with our steady jobs or if we are blessed enough, someone else is willing to pay for our education. It isn't something we think twice about-so join the Sseko team and get yourself a cute tote or some simple jewelry to help these amazing women!

Sseko has been extremely kind to partner with me on this post by giving me a few products-and saying I am in love with the products is an understatement. The Hobo bag is simple, yet is a statement piece and can carry everything I need! I love the small clutch-the color is perfect for fall and it's perfect for an evening out (Color is distorted due to editing, see Sseko's website for true color).

Katie McBain