I used to love burning candles all the time but then I was introduced to essential oils and my life was seriously changed!



Essential oils have so many different uses...I'm still trying to figure some of them out and trying to remember their functions, but when I'm in doubt, I diffuse. I love the aroma that every oil releases into the air-you can never go wrong!

Lets talk about Vitruvi's packaging...I mean how much cooler could it get?! I love how simple it is. I leave the bottles laying out because I just love the way they look. 


The diffuser is my favorite because it is made of porcelain so it just feels like it will last a lot longer than a lot of plastic ones that are out there. It runs for up to 7.5 hours and also has the option of turning on a ring of light-which I love for at night!


Here are a few things that I love about Vitruvi's oils and what I have been using them for:


I love diffusing while I shower or am taking a bath. While I have my diffuser on, I usually drop a few drops of essential oil onto the floor of my shower and that way the steam brings it up and through the air. Once I am out of the shower, I rub some oil behind my ears and on my temples.

Shop the oils I use for the shower:

Bath oil mix:



Lately, I've been diffusing more than I usually do because summer is coming to an end  and that means fall is right around the corner (and for me, fall means the cold/flu symptoms start to kick in). Having pure and clean air to me is essential!

Shop my favorite diffuser cocktails:

So Fresh, So Clean

Stanley Park After Dark


Cozy at Home

Applying Topicly

I am a person who tends to get a lot of soon as I heard about applying Peppermint Oil to my temples, behind my ears, under my nose, and the bottom of my feet, I am a new woman! I carry Peppermint oil in my purse and it goes wherever I go. This stuff is amazing! 


Vitruvi sent me their SLEEP Roll-On Oil and I apply it to my temples before bed. I have noticed i'm feeling more relaxed and i'm able to fall asleep quicker.



They also sent me STILL Face & Body Mist that works great as a make-up setting spray and it also works great for at night. I also spray it on my sheets, duvet and pillow. 


Overall I have been satisfied with their products and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to use different brands of oils. 

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Katie McBain